About Us

Poggio Labs was founded in May 2021, inspired by an essay written by one of its founders. While it predates the company, it began the exploration that led to the birth of Poggio Labs.

Together our remote-first team is pioneering a new style of application architecture in service of transforming the relationships between businesses and their customers, always with our values at the core: curiosity, confidence, empowerment, commitment, and humanity.

Our Team

Matt Slotnick

CEO & Co-founder
San Francisco

Connor Doyle

CTO & Co-founder

Rafa Corral


Kevin Bielawski


Jillian Kozyra

San Francisco

Ashley Shen

New York

Celina Ward

San Diego

Hong Pak

San Francisco

Jeremy Lingmann


Alisa Grange

San Francisco

Peter Tuan

New York

Divit Jawa


Queris Au

Chief of Staff
Santa Monica

Soham Aggarwal


Jane Adeosun


David Fang


Our Investors

On the kind of team we’re building and why we’re doing it this way...

We are looking for people that are skill set or team culture additive–there’s no specific template for who is the right fit. We want to create a role that excites you, in which you’ll be successful. 

Doing something bold requires vulnerability and an environment that allows for honest mistakes. This is a non–negotiable, regardless of how talented someone might be at any other part of the equation. We’ve been intentional from the start about the sort of company we want to build, and the people we want to build it with. It’s still early days, but so far it’s working beyond our expectations. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to meet and to introduce you to the team

–Matt Slotnick, co-founder and CEO
On having a beginner’s mind...

“This phase of growth can be disorienting. At any given point we will have just grown faster than ever while at the same time looking ahead to move even faster. And that’s where you come in, as an incoming member of the team. I hope you see Poggio Labs as a place where you’re encouraged and expected to do great things and make your mark. I hope you grow in the process, and that you push us to grow as well. Finally, I hope you believe — in yourself, that your actions matter, in the talent of your teammates, in our collective ability to meet the moment and build something of lasting value. I hope you see yourself in the culture. I hope you see that when we stumble, it’s a chance to get back up and start again.”

–Connor Doyle, co-founder and CTO